Motivational Speaker & Fitness Coach
Enlivening Hope Through Health, Fitness & Inspiring Words

"It takes a lot of work to look like this,"  Chris jokes about herself.  "Boy, does it ever -- and it's not the fun and glamorous ways people think.  It's a daily focus on what I call "disease management;" a regime of medications, rest, monthly doctor's visits and so much more.  As the line from one of my favorite songs, "18 Wheeler" by Pink, says: 'It can't keep me down!'"

People assume she's a strong, healthy girl but underneath it all there's more than meets the eye.  At just 38, Chris has been hit with a myriad of physical issues including: rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, celiac disease, 6 artificial joint replacements, and open heart surgery.  Faced with these overwhelming challenges, she was forced to surrender her fast-paced career for which she loved.  Chris went from an active, ambitious young woman to completely disabled and extremely overweight.  It's in those darkest days that God revealed His plan and her true calling: helping others, through her story of fitness and perseverance, uncover their own strengths. 

Today, after shedding over 120lbs, Chris Cronick is a certified Indoor Cycle Instructor at Surge Cycling, Fitness Coach, and Motivational Speaker.  What's even more amazing, Chris remains a positive life force through it all with a mission to inspire hope AND action.

Chris was selected as the 2013 Ambassador for the Lupus Foundation of Minnesota heading up three statewide fundraisers and blogged her journey as Ambassador. Her remarkable story is quickly gaining attention from local and national media outlets as she was recently highlighted in The Mpls Star Tribune's Lifestyle Section: How I Got This Body. Chris has also been featured here in the well renowned online magazine as well as highlighted in The Sun Focus newspaper.  She appeared on New Brighton's own CTV's "A Tale of 10 Cities," as well as Kare 11 News @4.  Chris has also appeared twice on KFAN’s FM100.3 yearly fundraising 24-hour marathon with Cory Cove.

Chris's openness and candor about her struggles are a welcoming change of pace in this idealistic world that demands perfection, especially from young women.  "I spent years hiding my health issues because I felt they somehow made me inferior.  I've had a shift in perception, Chris says.  Now, I rock it all because I'm given strength through my weaknesses!"  She has struggled with weight, chronic pain, and a host of many other things.  Chris inspires many lessons, but what is the biggest lesson?  We have the choice to view life's set-backs as blessings. Together, and with hope, anything is possible!                                     

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